Sibelius Sound Set for
QL Solo Violin by EastWest

QL Solo Violin Sibelius Sound Set product image
  • QL Solo Violin Sibelius Sound Set
  • Item #SC271624
  • $12.00


  • Manuscript and House Style score setup
  • Custom instrument staffs
  • Extended and edited playback dictionary


  • PLAY v3.0.4+
  • Sibelius 5.2.5, 6, 7+
  • 4GB RAM
  • OS X 10.6+/Win 7 x64 Recommended

*PLAY 5+ requires an external 64-bit plugin host (such as Vienna Ensemble Pro) in Sibelius 5 and 6


The QL Solo Violin sample library must be purchased separately.

This product facilitates use of the QL Solo Violin library in Sibelius. IT IS NOT A SAMPLE LIBRARY and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SOUNDS. To purchase the QL Solo Violin library, please visit the EastWest website: Soundsonline (US & World) / Soundsonline EU (Europe).

QL Solo Violin © East West Communications, Inc..


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