The Sound Set Project is the leading provider of Sibelius sound sets, integrations and related services for composers, producers and musicians using Sibelius notation software. We know the frustrations and challenges of working with quality sounds in a notation environment and recognize the importance of tools that help musicians of all backgrounds and aspirations work with the technology that is available today in a comfortable and familiar setting.

We believe solutions should extend beyond Sibelius, take into consideration computer farms, external hosting, compatibility with existing workflows, DAW integration and much more. This takes a special knowledge of the software and hardware, sample libraries and their programming, and, of course, Sibelius, which our team possesses at the highest level.

Our success can be attributed to an amazingly diverse user base, ranging from student to retiree, hobbyist to Hollywood, and everything in between. It's through our users we've gained a unique perspective on the needs and expectations that exist at these different levels and have learned how we can best address those needs in our services.