At The Sound Set Project we offer a number of services to help you get the most out of your Sibelius composing environment. Please contact us for more information, including rates and fees.

Sibelius Sound Sets

Our core offering, expand your user base and give current users something new with our Sibelius sound set and integration packages. Sound set packages can include virtually anything, whatever it takes to build a complete integration for your library, presented in a way that accommodates varying workflows, preferences, and computer setups.

From innovative and unmatched functionality, like the first and only choir library that reacts to lyrics in the score, to custom library programming and scripting specifically for Sibelius, we have the knowhow to bring it all together.


Whether you are just getting started or a power user looking to get more out of your Sibelius setup, we'll work with you to identify and establish needs, learn the system, maximize efficiency, integrate new software and hardware components, plan, execute, install and configure your entire setup, and more. Consulting services are available both on and off-site.

Custom Sibelius Sound Sets

One size most definitely does not fit all. Our custom Sibelius sound sets and integrations are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, libraries, sound preferences, and notational styles. We can bend any of our sound sets to your specifications or design an entire composing environment from the ground up, integrate with your DAW, work with your custom samples and programming or even create a "library independent" setup that affords full control of all your libraries with one sound set*, letting you mix and match sounds however you wish without changing your Sibelius template.

*Limitations apply. Please contact us for details.

Product and General Technical Support

Technology can be a headache. If you're having trouble with any aspect of your Sibelius setup, from installation, sound set use (including those that aren't ours), sample library or plugin errors to computer glitches, chances are we've seen it and know how to fix it. Email and chat product support is free for our customers, but available to everyone.

Phone and remote support options are available by appointment. Ongoing technical assistance is available through our consulting services (on retainer). Let us handle all of your technical problems so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time writing.