April 2012 Updates

Posted: April 9, 2012

We're rolling out a number of updates today containing a variety of fixes and improvements. All updates are free for current users, and will be available as soon as you activate your user account. Some of the highlights include:

  • New consistent sound set package folder structure
  • All new documentation
  • Consistent file naming
  • Shortened text instructions (VI's only)
  • Simplified use of multiple sound sets (VI's only)
  • All autoloading sound sets now have a comparable manual loading option

A full list of changes is available in our April 2012 Updates document.

How to Update

These updates are designed so that most changes are entirely under-the-surface and won't force you to re-learn or adapt to new working methods. Nevertheless, the initial application of many updates will require some changes to your scores, even though working with the sound sets will feel the same.

We strongly suggest that you do not install these updates until you are able to apply the changes detailed in our update document for all sound sets you are using. All sound sets must be updated at the same time - use of an updated sound set alongside an older version is not tested or supported.

Instructions to update can be found in our Application of the April 2012 Updates document. The instructions given do not apply to all updated sound sets; refer to the list in that document for the sound sets that require the update method detailed.

Updated Sound Sets

This list only includes integrations which received a version number change. However, every sound set package has been repacked and has received new documentation, even if the version has not changed.

Unless otherwise indicated, all updated sound sets are available exclusively here at The Sound Set Project website.


The LA Scoring Strings sound sets are available to registered LASS users through the Audiobro Download App. Because we do not distribute these packages, there may be a slight delay before they are available.


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IK Multimedia

Native Instruments

Other Collections



UVI/Ultimate Sound Bank



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