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Philharmonik Sibelius Sound Sets Updated

Posted: December 10, 2012

Updates for our Miroslav Philharmonik and Miroslav Philharmonik Classik Sibelius sound sets are now available; both integrations are now at v1.2.1. These are free updates for all current users.

What's New?

Mixed in this update are a handful of fixes, enhancements, and some new functionality. The most important change is how unavailable articulations/techniques, both in the sound set as a whole and between similar instruments, are handled. And as it happens, the changes made for technique discrepencies make the sound set a little more forgiving in cases where a score is incorrectly setup (e.g., non-Philharmonik staffs are used), as well.

Choir vowel-switching is improved, and no longer requires a manual reset before/after certain vowels in order to change sounds. The Philharmonik integrations now follow the same vowel switching pattern as other choir/vocal Sibelius integrations in our lineup, such as VOXOS and EWQL Symphonic Choirs.

New in v1.2.1, all organ patches, including pedals, are defined individually and have separate staffs. The various patches can now be mixed and match freely by staff/hand without workarounds (though some were very clever!).

Finally, the update contains several fixes including the harp staff brace/score grouping and a case of 'disappearing playback dictionary' has been resolved.

Who Should Update?

This update is recommended for all users of the Philharmonik and Philharmonik Classik Sibelius sound sets.

How to Update?

To update to v1.2.1, download and install the updated sound sets, House Styles, manuscript templates, and playback configuration XML files. It's not necessary to re-install the Sibelius combi presets. The House Style should be imported into each score to apply the update, but no further changes are required in your scores.

If you have created your own custom playback configuration, and it includes choir, the "Choir Ah", "Female Choir Ah", and "Male Choir Ah" patches must be re-assigned in your manual sound set. This is not required if you are using the default provided playback configuration.

Where to Get It?

Current users of the Miroslav Philharmonik and Miroslav Philharmonik Classik Sibelius sound sets can login to their user account to download the v1.2.1 update.

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