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Updated Cinematic Strings 2 Sound Set

Posted: November 15, 2012

Our Cinematic Strings 2 Sibelius integration has been updated to v1.0.1 for compatiblity with the recent Cinematic Strings 2 v2.1 library update. This is a free update for all Cinematic Strings 2 Sibelius sound set users.

What's New?

This update adds support for the new Full Ensemble and Lite Ensemble patches in the Cinematic Strings 2 library. The new patch definitions are available for both automatic and manual loading sound sets.

The House Style and manuscript templates offer several new custom instrument staffs, and our Kontakt script has been updated to accomodate the new sounds as well.

Who Should Update?

This update is recommended for all users who have updated their Cinematic Strings 2 library to v2.1. The v1.0.1 sound set update is required to use the new Ensemble patches.

Users who have not updated their library to v2.1 do not need to install the update. It is, however, backwards compatible and will work with the v2.0 library, except that attempting to use the Ensemble instruments will result in a 'File Not Found' error with the automatic loading sound set.

How to Update?

Updating to the v1.0.1 sound set requires installing the entire sound set package, including the sound sets, House Styles, manuscript templates, and Kontakt script. Once installed, simply import the updated House Style into each score to apply the update. No further changes are required in your scores or playback configurations.

The updated Kontakt script must be applied to the new Full Ensemble and Lite Ensemble patches before they will respond correctly. Follow the instructions in the sound set user manual to apply the script. Though not required, it's recommended to re-apply the script to all other instruments as well since installing the library update may have overwritten the original patches.

Where to Get It?

Current users of the Sibelius sound set for Cinematic Strings 2 can login to their user account to download the v1.0.1 update.

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