Sibelius Sound Set for
Symphonic Collection Bundle by Sonivox

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  • Symphonic Collection Bundle Sibelius Sound Set
  • Item #SC271610
  • $77.00


  • Custom Kontakt scripting
  • Manuscript and House Style score setup
  • Combined House Styles and manuscript options
  • Custom instrument staffs
  • Unpitched percussion mapping
  • Supports effects and extended techniques
  • Extended and edited playback dictionary

Bundle Details

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  • Symphonic Brass sound set
  • Symphonic Harp sound set
  • Symphonic Percussion sound set
  • Symphonic Strings sound set
  • Symphonic Woodwinds sound set


  • Symphonic Brass Kontakt 3.5/4 Update
  • Symphonic Harp Kontakt 3.5/4 Update
  • Symphonic Percussion Kontakt 3.5/4 Update
  • Symphonic Strings Kontakt 3.5/4 Update
  • Symphonic Woodwinds Kontakt 3.5/4 Update
  • Kontakt 3.5+
  • Sibelius 5.2.5, 6, 7+
  • 2GB RAM+


The Complete Symphonic Collection sample libraries must be purchased separately.

This product facilitates use of the Complete Symphonic Collection libraries in Sibelius. IT IS NOT A SAMPLE LIBRARY and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SOUNDS. To purchase the Complete Symphonic Collection libraries, please visit the Sonivox website.

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