What is a Sound Set?

A sound set is a map of sample library or hardware MIDI device that instructs Sibelius where to find the sounds that library or device contains and how to access them. This includes keyswitches, MIDI CC's, program/bank changes, drum sound mapping, etc.. This additional programming is designed to be used with sample libraries or devices you already own.

Does a Sound Set Contain Any Sounds?

No, a sound set is not a MIDI device or sample library so it does not contain any sounds. If you don't already own the sample library or device for which a sound set is intended it will not be of any use. We include links on all of our product pages to websites where you can buy the sample libraries that correspond to our sound set packages.

Do All Sound Sets Load Sounds Automatically?

The automatic loading functionality is programmed into Sibelius and only available to certain plugins including the Sibelius Player, Aria, and Kontakt/Kontakt Player 2, 3, 4, and 5. Libraries powered by these plugins can take advantage of automatic loading, but all other plugins require manual loading. A number of our packages include playback configurations and preset/multi files to make this process faster and in some cases we have prepared files that will simulate automatic loading for frequently used sounds.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Sound Set?

Using a sound set gives a level of control and automation that is not available when working without one. Since a sound set includes the instructions Sibelius needs to operate a library/device you don't have to worry about entering this data in your score, and Sibelius will switch articulations, techniques, and instruments all based on the instructions you would normally write in the score (i.e., staccato, legato, etc..). Additionally, a sound set allows you to use unpitched percussion sounds with proper unpitched staffs and notation which is not possible without a sound set unless your library/device uses the General MIDI mapping (most sample libraries do not).

Can I Combine Sound Sets?

Yes! All of our sound sets are compatible with each other, including all dictionary entries, staff types, etc.. We won't bore you with the details, but we have gone to great lengths to ensure our sound sets maintain the functionality of each sample library or device and can be mixed together in whatever way fits your needs.

Can You Tell Me How You Make the Sound Sets?

We use proprietary programs, scripts, databases, and other resources that we have developed (or that were developed for us) when creating our sound sets and associated files. Specific details regarding these tools are a trade secret, however we can say that they give us the unrivaled ability to create quality integrations in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise while maintaining the high standards we are known for, ensuring compatibility, and managing our products efficiently.

Do You Work for Sibelius or Avid?

The Sound Set Project is a wholly owned division of Sound Notes LLC and has no affiliation with Avid Technology, Inc. or Sibelius Software Ltd..

What Else Do I Get With Your Products?

Each sound set package is tailored to fit the specific needs of the sample library or device it's designed for. Many of our packages include multiple sound sets to be used in different ways, such as automatic/manual loading, use with external plugin hosting, multiple computers, etc.., giving you the option to select whichever method is most suited to your personal workflow. Packages may also include House Styles which contain customized instrument staffs, extended playback dictionary entries, playback configurations, word menus, and in some cases packages contain custom instrument programming and scripting that we design ground-up specifically for the Sibelius environment.

I'm Having Trouble, How Do I Get Help?

If you have any questions or trouble with a sound set you've purchased, our support team will be happy to assist you. You can submit a ticket or browse the Knowledge Base where you may find your question has already been answered. We also offer premium support options, such as phone and remote computer assistance (where we log on to your computer and can install, troubleshoot, etc.. for you), for an additional fee. Please indicate if you are interested in our premium support options, and which one(s), when you submit a ticket.

On How Many Computers Can I Install the Sound Sets?

The sound sets can be installed and used by the licensee on a maximum of two (2) computers concurrently. If you require use on additional computers, multi-user licenses, or other special consideration please contact us and we will work with you to address those needs. For more information, please see the License Agreement.

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Can I Use a Sound Set on Mac and Windows?

Yes! All sound set packages are compatible with Mac and Windows computers. Both operating systems generally use the same files, but, when necessary, we include separate Mac and Windows files in the package.

Do the Sound Sets Work With Sibelius First?

While the basic features of the sound sets will work in Sibelius First, a number of important features will not be available such as the custom House Styles with edited playback dictionary, custom instrument staffs, etc.. and as such we do not officially support use in Sibelius First.

What Version of Sibelius do I Need?

Each sound set package contains files compatible with Sibelius 5.2.5+, Sibelius 6, and Sibelius 7. You can also install the sound sets under multiple Sibelius versions on the same computer system.

Is My Computer Powerful Enough?

System requirements vary with each sound set. We recommend that your system meets, and preferably exceeds, the minimum requirements for both your version of Sibelius and the sample library you wish to use. If we have any additional or specific requirements that information will be available on the sound set's product page.

32-bit or 64-bit?

Our packages are compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit plugins, however Sibelius 5 and Sibelius 6 cannot use 64-bit plugins natively. Sibelius 7 can be run as a 32-bit program or a 64-bit program and sees 32-bit and 64-bit plugins, respectively. Windows users have the option of using a third-party utility, jBridge, which will allow 64-bit plugins to be used in Sibelius 5, 6, or 7 32-bit, and 32-bit plugins to run in Sibelius 7 64-bit.

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What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

At this time we only accept payments through trusted payment processor PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can still place an order through PayPal with your credit or debit card. Please note that we do not accept e-Check payments at this time.

I Placed an Order but Didn't Receive Anything, What Do I Do?

Please contact us with your order details so we can investigate what went wrong and take steps to resolve it for you.

Is My Information Secure? Do You Save It?

Your payment information is submitted directly to PayPal on their own secure servers. PayPal does not share your sensitive financial information with us, so we never see it and do not store it on our servers. For more about the information we do collect and save, please see our Privacy Policy.

What Delivery Options Are Available?

All products are digital downloads. We do not ship products on physical media.

What is Your Refund Policy?

Digital products cannot be returned and therefore we can not issue refunds for any product purchased.

When Will I Receive My Order?

You will generally receive your product key(s) and download information instantly. This information will be sent to the email address used for payment, or to your preferred contact email if you already have an account with us. In some cases, such as high server load, it may take a few minutes or hours to receive this information.

I Ordered the Wrong Product, What Should I Do?

If you believe you have made a mistake in your order, contact us immediately and DO NOT REGISTER OR DOWNLOAD any of the products in question. Unfortunately, we cannot make any adjustments after the products have been registered and/or downloaded. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have and review the contents of your cart carefully prior to placing your order to avoid these issues.

I Have an Order Question Not Listed Here, Who Can I Talk To?

We would be happy to help with any other order related questions you may have, just send us a message. If your question is about an order you've already placed, please include the order information when you contact us.

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Why Do I Have to Register?

Registering allows us to verify your account, provide technical support, offer upgrade pricing, deliver product updates and even some additional 'bonus' files if you are using certain combinations of products.

How Do I Register?

Returning users should login to their account in the User Area to register a new product. New users must first activate their account by following the instructions we sent with their product key(s). Once activated and/or logged in you will see the products you have previously registered and a form to register new product(s). Simply enter your product key and click "Submit" and upon successful verification the product will be listed and available for download.

Can I Change My Email Address?

You can change your preferred contact, Paypal and Google Checkout email addresses at any time by logging into your account in the User Area and clicking "Edit Account".

Are There Any Download Limits?

We do not enforce a strict number of download attempts, however download activity is monitored and unusual activity may result in an account being suspended. Suspended accounts are subject to review before being re-instated so, to help avoid unnecessary downtime, if you have trouble downloading a product, stop and let us know and we'll work with you to make sure you can download the product without jeopardizing your account.

What About Sound Sets I Purchased From Jonathan Loving?

All of your previous sound set purchases have been consolidated into a single account and registered for you. Every user was sent an email with instructions to activate this account. Once the account is activated your products and product keys (which may entitle you to upgrade pricing, etc...) will be available. If you did not receive this email, or have lost or misplaced it, just send us a message and we'll make sure you can access all of your previously purchased products.

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