Kurzweil Sibelius Sound Sets

K1000 Sibelius Sound Set product image

K1000 Sibelius Sound Set

Born in the late 80s the K1000 may be starting to show its age; but if you have one, and it still powers on, why not put it to use in Sibelius? Our integration makes it easy.

K2000 Sibelius Sound Set product image

K2000 Sibelius Sound Set

Expanding on our sound set for the early K1000, this Sibelius integration offers easy access to the sounds of one of Kurzweil's classic keyboards directly from Sibelius.

K2500 Sibelius Sound Set product image

K2500 Sibelius Sound Set

Several sound sets in this package form a complete integration that scales to your needs. Work with the standard preset banks or switch sound sets and access the full Pianos ROM board with additional sounds.

K2600 Sibelius Sound Set product image

K2600 Sibelius Sound Set

With all factory banks and drum kits defined, our Sibelius integration for the Kurzweil K2600 makes it easy to use this powerful synth in your scores.

Micro Ensemble Sibelius Sound Set product image

Micro Ensemble Sibelius Sound Set

The Kurzweil Micro Ensemble Sibelius sound set covers all of the internal sound banks and drum kits, providing an easy way to access whatever sounds you require in your score.

PC1 Sibelius Sound Set product image

PC1 Sibelius Sound Set

Definitions include the internal sound banks as well as the Orchestral ROM expansion offering a solid and varied sound selection for your Sibelius scoring needs.

PC2 Sibelius Sound Set product image

PC2 Sibelius Sound Set

Drum patches, pianos, horns, keys and more easily accessible with the PC2 Sibelius sound set. Includes support for the KB3 bank and an additional sound set with Orchestral ROM sounds defined.

PC3 Sibelius Sound Set product image

PC3 Sibelius Sound Set

Compatible with the PC3, PC361 and PC3X, the Kurzweil PC3 Sibelius sound set is a complete integration solution. Includes all presets from the device, such as the Base, KB3, Classic Keys, Orchestra, Strings, and Expansion banks. A special GM-only sound set is included as well.

PC3K Sibelius Sound Set product image

PC3K Sibelius Sound Set

Over 1000 patches and 6000 drum sounds means the PC3K Sibelius sound set covers virtually anything you could require. Includes all the same banks as the PC3 sound set, plus added GM sound set.

PC3LE Sibelius Sound Set product image

PC3LE Sibelius Sound Set

Derived from the PC3 Sibelius sound set, the PC3LE sound set includes thousands of sound definitions and a special GM sound set.

PC88 Sibelius Sound Set product image

PC88 Sibelius Sound Set

The PC88 Sibelius sound set brings the sounds of the internal and expansion PC88 banks into your score. Work with the full sound set or the optional GM-only set.

SP4 Sibelius Sound Set product image

SP4 Sibelius Sound Set

A trim version of the giant PC3 sound sets, the SP4 Sibelius sound set defines a diverse, but manageable, selection of pitched and unpitched instruments and makes them easy to access from Sibelius.


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