"The Sibelius Sound Sets that Jon created for us at Cinesamples have expanded the functionality of our libraries in ways we thought not possible. The seamless integration with Sibelius makes it so easy for composers to just input notation however they wish, and hear it performed back with unprecedented realism.

We've always held the philosophy that composers should only need to focus on making music, and not be burdened by technological barriers. These soundsets are critical toward achieving that goal for our customers."

- Michael Patti, Cinesamples

"Internally (at Audiobro) we refer to Jonathan Loving as the 'Sibelius Guru'. He has mastered the art of creating Sibelius Sound Sets like no one else we know. His methodical approach and attention to detail is second to none and the end result is a library that is beautifully integrated into Sibelius.

It was a genuine pleasure and honor to have Jonathan build a Sibelius Sound Set for LA Scoring Strings (LASS)... we couldn't be happier."

- Andrew Keresztes, developer and owner of Audiobro

"In my own case, as a composer I use the top of the line Sibelius music software and Vienna Instruments Special Edition virtual orchestral library. I have been struggling for years trying unsuccessfully to use the kind of integration [they offer] when using both products together. Only thanks to the The Sound Set Project and the help of Jonathan Loving now the problem is over and I can happily go back to my composing..."

- Tomás San Miguel

"Using The Sound Set Project for creating our Sibelius Sound Sets is a no-brainer. They produce optimal sound sets for our products ... The user documentation they provide our sound sets alone makes it worth using their services.

Jonathan Loving is also one of the foremost authorities on Sibelius Sound Set creation, which is why we decided to hire him as an expert advisor... We could not be happier with the in-depth information he has been able to provide us, and the prompt timing in which he has responded to everything we have wanted to know."

- Arne Wallander, Wallander Instruments