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Sibelius Sound Sets

Working with a sample library or MIDI hardware device in Sibelius can be a daunting task. A sound set is essential to this goal or the experience will be lacking and severely limited, but building a quality integration is a significant undertaking. It can take years to truly learn the system, how to check for and recognize incompatibilities, and stumble through a seemingly infinite number of undocumented peculiarities when all you really want to do is bring some quality sounds into your notation-based composing environment.

We know how you feel; we've been there, too. That's why we do what we do.

From 2000 patch keyboards and synths to sample libraries that require re-programming to work seamlessly in Sibelius, we provide the tools so you can spend more time writing music. With The Sound Set Project, technology no longer has to hinder the creative process, instead, it can enhance it.

  • Tyros 3 Sibelius Sound Set product image
  • Juno Stage Sibelius Sound Set product image
  • Symphonic Orchestra Silver Sibelius Sound Set v3 product image
  • S70 XS Sibelius Sound Set product image

Find a Sound Set

Browse the largest collection of Sibelius sound sets available anywhere. Get started with the featured sound sets above or use the Developers list at the right to view all of our packages. We're happy to assist with any questions you may have, just send us a message.

Need a Sound Set?

Do you need a sound set for a sample library or hardware device we haven't covered? Let us know! We prioritize development, almost exclusively, based on user demand, so the more you tell us the better we can serve you.