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Cinematic Strings 2 Sound Set Released

Posted: August 7, 2012

Quick Look

This integration features custom Kontakt scripting, vibrato position control, multiple vibrato stages, supports sampled legato, automatic and manual loading options, and more.

The custom scripting gives transparent access to library functions that would not be available with a sound set alone, without interfering with use of the library outside of Sibelius.


The Cinematic Strings 2 Sibelius sound set requires the full Kontakt 5 program. It is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player 5.


Two upgrade paths are available for users of the original Cinematic Strings Sibelius sound set, based on when the sound set was purchased:

Before 04/09/2012: Discounted Upgrade

Between 04/09/2012-08/06/2012: Free Upgrade

After 08/06/2012: Discounted Upgrade

Why Are Some Upgrades Free?

Following the release of the Cinematic Strings 2 library our requirements for the Cinematic Strings Sibelius sound set failed to indicate clearly that it was not compatible with the Cinematic Strings 2 library. Because of this ambiguity, we're offering a free upgrade for purchases in that time period to make sure everyone has purchased and received a Sibelius sound set compatible with their version of the Cinematic Strings library.

Users eligible for a free upgrade will see the additional discount in their shopping cart.


The Cinematic Strings 2 Sibelius sound set is available for $20.00 - see the Cinematic Strings 2 Sibelius Sound Set product page for more information.

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