Cinesamples and EWQL Updates

Posted: September 28, 2012

New updates are available today for many of our Cinesamples and EastWest Sibelius sound sets. These updates include some minor bug fixes as well as new and enhanced functionality, documentation, and other miscellaneous improvements that we're very excited about. All updates are free for current users of these sound sets.

What's Been Updated

Cinesamples VOXOS Sibelius Sound Set - v1.1.0

  • Significantly improved Phrase Building
  • Completely re-programmed custom Sibelius instruments*
  • VOXOS Text Style enhancements under Sibelius 7

*The v1.1.0 VOXOS integration now requires Kontakt 4.2.3 or higher. Do not install this update if using an older version of Kontakt.

EWQL Symphonic Choirs / Expansion Sibelius Sound Set - v1.2.1

  • Greatly improved vowel handling
  • Solo vocalists once again use legato scripting
  • Component consonants and other FX now selectable without instrument changes
  • Miscellaneous other 'patch-change' improvements

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold / Plat Sibelius Sound Set - v3.1.2

  • Fixes Woodwind grace notes and certain other special FX
  • Fixes Wagner Bass Drum 'Accent' note mapping
  • Missing 60inch Gong patch definitions added
  • Improved response when incorrect/non-EWQLSO staffs are used
  • Documented Instrument Tables extended for non-Keyswitch sounds

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver Sibelius Sound Set - v3.1.2

  • Patch sort-order improvements
  • Solo Violin no longer uses keyswitch with missing samples
  • Choir vowels now work correctly under all supported Sibelius versions
  • Documented Instrument Tables extended for non-Keyswitch sounds

QL Goliath Sibelius Sound Set - v2.1.1

  • Improved handling of Choir Bank vowels and FX
  • Fixes Orchestra and Ethnic Pitched dynamic assignments
  • Fixes reversed rotary speaker control for Vintage Organ voices

QL RA Sibelius Sound Set - v2.1.1

  • Further enhancements to guitar chord/interval selections
  • Documented Instrument Tables extended for non-Keyswitch sounds
  • General maintenance to remove duplicate, inaccessible, patch definitions

QL Stormdrum 2 / Expansion Sibelius Sound Set - v2.1.1

  • Sort-order adjustments in Sibelius's staff drum map editor
  • Dynamic handling improvements for better consistency

QL Voices of Passion Sibelius Sound Set - v2.1.1

  • Fixes incorrect patch range display
  • Improvements to vowel selection
  • Most 'Wales Words' now selectable without a 'reset'

New Playback Configuration Combinations

Users of our Sibelius sound sets for EastWest's Hollywood Brass and Hollywood Strings Diamond or Gold libraries can now download preset playback configurations combining the two.

Using the same setup as the separate configurations provided with each sound set, these configurations will help get you up and running faster and eliminate a big part of the setup process. The combined configurations are free for all current users of the sound sets.

Who Should Update?

These updates are recommended for all users of the sound sets above. For compatibility reasons, all sound sets should be updated at the same time.

How to Update?

To update, download the updated sound set package and install the new sound set, House Style, and Manuscript Template file(s). After downloading and installing the updated files, import the new House Style(s) into each score.

VOXOS Sound Set Users

In addition to the steps above, the old VOXOS Sibelius instruments should be replaced with the instruments found in the updated sound set download. If you have used the 'Fixed' VOXOS sound set and manually loaded the instruments, you must re-load the new patches for the changes to take effect.

Where to Get the Updates?

Current users of all sound sets above (including users of the CCC Gold/Platinum bundles) can login to their user account to download the updates.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for all eligible accounts to show the combined Hollywood Brass/Strings configurations. If you do not see them right away, please check again in a few hours.

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