EWQLSO and QL Gypsy Updates

Posted: June 15, 2012

In preparation for an upcoming release, today we've made available free updates for our EWQLSO and QL Gypsy Sibelius sound set users.

EWQLSO Silver, Gold, and Platinum Sibelius sound sets have been updated to v3.1.1. The QL Gypsy Sibelius sound set has been updated to v2.1.1. This is a minor update that targets a potential compatibility issue with a new sound set slotted for release next week (hint: 2 words; one of them is "Strings"...). The EWQLSO Silver update also contains a fixed "(7) Ensemble Strings Lite" Sibelius multi, which previously loaded the wrong legato articulation.

Who Should Update?

The update is recommended for all EWQLSO v3 and QL Gypsy v2 sound set users.

How to Update?

Simply download the updated sound set package and install the new sound set XML file(s) from the "02 Sound Sets" folder. EWQLSO Silver users should also re-install the appropriate "z - Sibelius Multis" folder for their version of PLAY. House Styles, Manuscript templates, and playback configurations have not changed and do not need to be re-installed. No changes are required in your scores or playback configurations.

Where to get it?

All current EWQLSO v3 (including the CCC Gold/Platinum bundles) and QL Gypsy sound set users can login to their user account to download the update. Don't have the EWQLSO v3 or QL Gypsy v2 Sibelius sound sets yet? Get them here: EWQLSO Silver / EWQLSO Gold / EWQLSO Platinum / QL Gypsy.

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