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Hollywood Brass Sound Set Released

Posted: September 10, 2012

We're two titles in to EastWest's Hollywood series of sample libraries (and yes, we're working on Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, too!). With a similar approach as our integration for Hollywood Strings, but in a much smaller and easily managed package, the Sibelius sound set for Hollywood Brass is a powerful, efficient, and easy to maintain integration.

The Sound Set

The Hollywood Brass integration gives quick access to all section sizes, covering the full range of articulations and techniques available, from standard legato and staccato to the special effects and jazz sounds. Built on the keyswitch instruments, it's easy to manage your system resources, while limiting the number of channels required making your playback configurations easier to setup and organize.

Compatible with both the Hollywood Brass Gold and Hollywood Brass Diamond libraries, library upgrades are seamless; nothing new to buy, nothing to change in Sibelius.


The Sibelius sound set for EWQL Hollywood Brass is available for $25.00 - see the Hollywood Brass Sibelius Sound Set product page for more information.

Not your EastWest library? Check out all of our EastWest integrations or tell us what you need and we can make it happen!

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