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Hollywood Strings Sound Sets Released

Posted: June 19, 2012

From the numerous technique variations, patches requiring 1GB of RAM or more, to the monstrous 600+ channel test environment, Hollywood Strings posed new challenges at every step along the way. Was it worth the effort? Absolutely! We're proud to announce an efficient integration offering full access to the library, with an interchangeable patch setup that allows you to pick the patches that best fit your system's capabilities.

Quick Look

Each integrations features full divisi support (Diamond), normal and powerful system sound sets, and starter playback configurations to get up and running quickly.

Independent dynamic and vibrato control, selectable finger positions, con sordino for every articulation and technique, and significantly reduced patch lists give you all the power of Hollywood Strings in streamlined form making your Sibelius setup easy to create and maintain.


Upgrade options are available from the Gold to Diamond sound sets, allowing your Sibelius setup to grow with your sound collection. New files, more options - seamless transition.


The Hollywood Strings Sibelius sound sets are available from $20.00 - see the Hollywood Strings Diamond or Hollywood Strings Gold product pages for more information.

Compatibility Note

Planning to use the Hollywood Strings sound set with the EWQLSO Silver / Gold / Platinum or QL Gypsy Sibelius sound sets? Be sure to grab the recent updates.

Not your EastWest library? Check out all of our EastWest integrations or tell us what you need and we can make it happen!

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