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CineBrass Core Sound Set Updated

Posted: April 19, 2013

Our Sibelius integration for Cinesamples CineBrass Core has been updated to v1.5 and is now compatible with the recent CineBrass Core 1.5 library update. This is a free update for all registered users.

What's Changed?

The focus of this update is compatibility with the updated library, very little has changed in terms of functionality.

Notable differences include the use of the new "Split Patches" included with the v1.5 library update, and a slight modification to the library folder structure if automatic loading is desired.

Who Should Update?

This update is required for all users who have updated to CineBrass Core v1.5. If you have not updated your CineBrass Core library, this sound set should not be used. You can still download the v1.0.1 sound set for CineBrass Core v1.1 from the "Additional Files" section of your user account.

How To Update?

Download the CineBrass Core v1.5 sound set and install the updated sound sets, House Styles, and Manuscript papers. These files will not overwrite the CineBrass v1.0.1 integration files.

If you are using the (Fixed) sound set and managing channels yourself, your playback configuration will need to be re-created using the new split patch definitions. If using the automatic loading option, see section 3.4 in the updated sound set user manual to make the necessary adjustments to the CineBrass Core 1.5 library folder structure.

Finally, import the updated House Style into your existing scores.

Where To Get It?

The update is available to all registered users from your user account.

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