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Hollywood Strings Sibelius Sound Sets Updated

Posted: January 11, 2013

Available today for all current users, v1.0.1 updates for our Hollywood Strings Gold and Hollywood Strings Diamond Sibelius sound sets. Despite the minor version increase, this is a significant update for both integrations and addresses a variety of issues as well as compatibility with future integrations. These are free updates for current users of these sound sets.

What's in v1.0.1?

The primary purpose of this update is to resolve issues related to routing of sounds when the requested articulation or technique is not active in the playback configuration. For example, slurs may cause incorrect channel allocation if a legato patch is not assigned in the configuration so that 1st and 2nd Violins are placed on the same channel during the slur, or to a lesser degree, Violas and Celli.

In addition, "portato" now responds correctly in Sibelius 7 and both pre-recorded and playable runs have seen changes that makes their selection more reliable.

The update also includes a number of general under-the-hood improvements that will help in maintainability, as well as forward-looking compatibility adjustments targeting the upcoming Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds integration (which we expect to be available later this month, but don't hold us to that!).

Who Should Update?

This update is recommended for all users of the Hollywood Strings Gold and Diamond Sibelius sound sets.

How to Update?

To update to v1.0.1, download and install the updated sound sets, House Styles, and manuscript templates. The House Style should be imported into each score to apply the update. The provided playback configurations have not changed and do not need to be updated or re-installed.

Where to Get It?

Current users of the Hollywood Strings Gold and Diamond Sibelius sound sets can login to their user account to download the v1.0.1 update.

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