Sibelius Sound Set for
Hollywood Strings Gold by EastWest

Hollywood Strings Gold Sibelius Sound Set product image
  • Hollywood Strings Gold Sibelius Sound Set
  • Item #SC271611
  • $20.00


  • Manuscript and House Style score setup
  • Custom instrument staffs
  • Selectable Finger Positions
  • Normal and Powerful System sound sets
  • Starter playback configurations
  • Extended and edited playback dictionary
  • Flexible patch selection fits your system's resources
  • Support for measured tremolo and other effects
  • Independent dynamic and vibrato control
  • Con Sordino for all articulations


  • Hollywood Strings Gold PLAY Edition
  • PLAY v2.1.2+
  • Sibelius 5.2.5, 6, 7+
  • 6GB+ RAM (16GB+ Recommended)
  • OS X 10.6+/Win 7 x64 Recommended

*PLAY 5+ requires an external 64-bit plugin host (such as Vienna Ensemble Pro) in Sibelius 5 and 6

*Not compatible with Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition


The Hollywood Strings Gold sample library must be purchased separately.

This product facilitates use of the Hollywood Strings Gold library in Sibelius. IT IS NOT A SAMPLE LIBRARY and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SOUNDS. To purchase the Hollywood Strings Gold library, please visit the EastWest website: Soundsonline (US & World) / Soundsonline EU (Europe).

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