Sibelius Sound Set for
SRX-12: Classic EP's by Roland

SRX-12: Classic EP's Sibelius Sound Set product image
  • SRX-12: Classic EP's Sibelius Sound Set
  • Item #SC271575
  • $15.00


  • Defines all preset factory banks
  • Defines all preset factory drum kits
  • Separate sound set for RD and XV Series host devices


  • Sibelius 5.2.5, 6, 7+

Expansion sound sets can be used on their own or merged with the host device sound set allowing both to be used at the same time. We'll merge expansion and host sound sets you've purchased from us free of charge on request; for a small one-time additional fee we can merge your expansion with any sound set that's not ours. Contact us for details.


The SRX-12: Classic EP's must be purchased separately.

This product facilitates use of the SRX-12: Classic EP's in Sibelius. IT IS NOT A SOUND DEVICE and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SOUNDS. To purchase the SRX-12: Classic EP's device, please visit the Roland website.

SRX-12: Classic EP's © Roland Corporation.