Difference Between VST/AU Playback Configuration

Article applies to:
  • Sibelius 5, 6, 7
  • Mac OS X
  • EWQLSO Sound Set
  • Miroslav Philharmonik Sound Sets
  • Wallander Brass/Woodwinds Sound Sets


Two playback configurations are provided in the sound set package, one of which contains "(AU)" in its name.


Mac users often have the choice of whether to use a VST or AU plugin so playback configurations are provided for both of these of these plugin formats.

Additionally, users of certain versions of PLAY 1.2.5 - 2.x may find that only one of these plugin formats is available, so providing both ensures that every user has a configuration available for the plugin format available to them.

There is no difference between these configurations except for which plugin format they use. Some users report slightly better performance and stability with the AU plugins, which is the native Mac format, but generally they should both work equally well.

Last Modified: April 9, 2012