Multiple Kontakt Plugins Available

Article applies to:
  • Sibelius 5, 6, 7
  • Kontakt/Kontakt Player 2, 3, 4, 5


The Available Devices list displays what appears to be duplicate Kontakt plugin entries, i.e., "Kontakt 4" is listed three times.


There are several different Kontakt plugins available, each of which has a different number of default audio outputs. On the hard drive each of these files has a distinct name, such as "8 out", "16 out", but plugin display names are taken from internal parts of the plugin rather than the name of the file itself so these files all appear with the same name in Sibelius.

There is little consequence in choosing one over another based on the number of outputs since Sibelius only supports a single stereo pair output and will sum the plugin outputs if patches are sent to different channels.

It is important, however, if using an autoloading sound set, that the correct plugin is activated. In the "Available Devices" list each of these plugins will have a "Type"; either VST, AU, or Kontakt. For an autoloading sound set to be made available, the Kontakt plugin listed as "Kontakt" type must be activated in the configuration.

Last Modified: April 9, 2012