Variant Sounds Sibelius 7

Article applies to:
  • Sibelius 7.0.1, 7.0.2


Some articulations and techniques for variant sounds (such as a 2nd violin) do not respond in Sibelius 7.


Sibelius 7 has seen several changes in the handling of sound ID's, many of which have resolved longstanding issues. However, in Sibelius 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 one of these changes resulted in variant sounds not switching correctly when the sound ID's fell outside of the SoundWorld specification.

Our most popular packages were quietly edited to accommodate this and allow these switches to continue working, but we were not able to edit every sound set while these were still the current version of the program. The issue was later resolved in Sibelius 7.0.3.

If using Sibelius 7.0.1 or Sibelius 7.0.2 and experiencing this problem, it's recommended to update to the current version, or, at a minimum, Sibelius 7.0.3.

Last Modified: April 9, 2012