Kontakt Autoloading Sibelius 7 64-bit

Article applies to:
  • Sibelius 7
  • Kontakt/Kontakt Player 2, 3, 4
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 64-bit
  • ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic Sound Sets
  • ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 Sound Sets
  • Vir2 Acoustic Legends HD Sound Sets
  • Vir2 Elite Orchestral Percussion Sound Sets
  • Vir2 VI.ONE Sound Sets


Autoloading Kontakt sound sets are not available in Sibelius 7 on Windows 64-bit.


Sound sets for Kontakt Player libraries released in versions of Kontakt prior to 3.5 may not appear in Sibelius 7 for 64-bit Windows users. This is because prior to Kontakt 3.5, Kontakt/Kontakt Player was available only as a 32-bit application. In order for these sound sets to be used in either Sibelius 32-bit or 64-bit on 64-bit Windows systems, some changes must be made.

There are two possible ways to remedy this, depending on the version of Kontakt you are using. The first method is much less involved, however it may not work in all cases.

(1) Remove/Add Library

In Kontakt/Kontakt Player 3.5 and higher, open the standalone Kontakt program and select the "Libraries" tab. Locate the library wallpaper/panel in the list at the left, select the gear icon at the lower right and click "remove library". Note that this does not remove the library from your hard drive, only from the Kontakt program.

Add the Library to Kontakt again by selecting "Add Library" from the Kontakt "Libraries" panel and then selecting the root folder of the library on your system.

The idea behind this method is to allow the 64-bit Kontakt program to write the library information to the system again as doing so will result in the information being written in the 64-bit paths Sibelius 7 requires. If this does not resolve the issue, the Windows Registry must be edited.

(2) Modifying the Windows Registry

The autoload can be restored by modifying the Windows Registry. It's possible to manually adjust these settings, however we strongly encourage you to use the method presented here which is faster and poses less chance for error.

(A) Go to "Start Menu > Run", type "regedit" and click "Run"

(B) In the Regedit window, navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Native Instruments

(C) In the folder treContent" Key and select "Export". Name the file and click "Save".

(D) Locate the .reg file you exported on your system. Right-click and from the "Open With..." menu select "Notepad".

(E) In Notepad, select and delete the text "WOW6432Node\" (without quotes) from the third line in the file. Save the file.

(F) Double-click the .reg file to add these values to the Registry. Windows will warn about modifying the Registry, click "OK" to continue. Windows should then notify you that the entries have been added successfully.

Commands executed in the Registry can damage your operating system and/or files if done incorrectly. Use caution when performing commands in Registry.

Last Modified: April 9, 2012